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President's message:

In this city, nothing stays the same for long.

Downtown residential construction has brought thousands of new residents to Brooklyn over the past decade, with more coming. We will encourage them to dine and shop on Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street. 

While we welcome new residents and businesses, it is important to retain the qualities that first brought us to Boerum Hill which include two things we highly value: light and air. 

Over the same decade past, we have worked to preserve our low-rise, leafy streets so we can continue to be a tight-knit, friendly community. Our rezoning and the expansion of our Historic District are two actions we took to keep our small “village” intact. 

Other issues have been more problematic. 

We recently fought against the 80 Flatbush development with limited results. This large project will loom over a quiet residential block of State Street. (see the 80 Flatbush page for more information.) 

We are actively engaging the City administration about the design of the proposed new Brooklyn House of Detention. (see the Brooklyn Detention Center page for more information.) Surely, the ongoing Covid-19 crisis will delay this development. 

Unfortunately, our City government does not engage in planning. Instead the administration rubber stamps most proposals while giving lip-service to community engagement even when the community presents reasonable alternatives or asks pertinent questions. Is litigation the only way to be heard? When necessary, we have and will use litigation.

We are proud of where we live and of the people who live and work here. The BHA will continue to balance preservation and intelligent progress. Brooklyn must grow. The question is how to respect, and balance, what we have with how we choose to grow. 

In community,
Howard Kolins




There's always more:

As I write this, we are learing to live with Covid-19. New challenges are ahead.

The BQE repair, replacement or reimagining will be affected by the current and ongoing financial issues our city will confront. Depending on the approach of the Federal government, new opportunities may arise. We look toward the future with hope. Read more on the City's website.

The proposed Brooklyn-Queens trolley. or folly, known as the BQX is a project we don't support. Given the large cost to construct and operate, we believe this effort should be dropped. 

We look forward to a return of the pace of New York City in new and exciting ways.


We seek to preserve and enhance the unique qualities of our neighborhood through advocacy, education and community building.

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