The MTA has to borrow $600 million today…

The MTA has to borrow a mountain of cash because the state won’t fork over the agency’s transit funds until the end of the year, officials said. Adding insult to injury, the MTA will have to pay the state a fee as high as $5 million when the agency borrows the $600 million needed to pay expenses, officials said.

And yet… the MTA just left $80 million on the table to give Ratner the ability to pay it back over 22 years. Who’s running this government? Oh, right,  these guys.

(June 26th, 2009)

A-ha! Candidates for the 33rd on Parking Permits

Like the mighty titans of local coverage they are, the Brooklyn Paper gets candidates for the 33rd District (i.e., Yassky’s seat) to reveal their stances on a Residential Parking Permit program. Read them here.

(May 28th, 2009)

Permit Parking – food for thought

Just read these candidates positions from the 39th District on Permit Parking and it got me thinking. Lots of points of view.

(May 27th, 2009)

Help the Brooklyn Public Library

Just heard through the BPL site that the city plans to cut $17.5 million from the BPL’s budget. According to their site, the drastic results of that will be to:

  • ELIMINATE as many as 272 positions – that’s one out of every four full-time BPL employees.
  • REDUCE service to five days a week at most neighborhood libraries – with limited weekend hours.
  • BUY 185,000 FEWER books, DVDs and CDs

You can send a note to your council member here.

(May 26th, 2009)

Council bill to target “deadbeat” developers

It’s kind of a wonder this wasn’t already the law — that you’d have to clear up existing violations before you can continue building.

(May 22nd, 2009)
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